Guys! Guys! I’ve got obvious news! Navel-gazing media profiles happen all the time time in New York. There is literally nothing else to talk about! Sometimes it’s about putzes with wifi; sometimes it’s about Tumblrinas; sometimes it’s about Ivy dudes posing as leftists; sometimes it’s about rando bloggers on the LES; sometimes it’s dudes who pretend to not be jealous of their friends getting six figure book contracts; sometimes the Ivy dudes posing as leftists attack twee dudes who act like outsiders after they get seven figure book contracts; so yeah, your wave has crested and all that is left is sneering at expensive Brooklyn real estate that you pretend isn’t worth trading your dignity, or something, for. But chin up, in a couple years if you either keep plugging away at that respected but not very lucrative literary something or other — or just keep up a solid workout schedule — you can probably score a decent gig being a side piece for some mid-life crisis memoirist wanna-be.