• Why, Em?

    Remember when we were all going to get back to blogging? Was that 2018? 2014? 2011? Lots of drafts sitting in un-updated WP installs I bet. It’s not really even a matter of finding a good RSS reader to try and follow – it’s more about figuring out who remembered to pay for the registration…

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  • That Time I Met Craig Finn at a Jen Bekman Event

    That’s a google-bomb joke! But also true. For about ten years, my REAL NAME google was soiled by a single mention in [REDACTED’s] personal blog, something [REDACTED] did in hopes of getting that very result. I had said some mean thing about [REDACTED], so it comes with the territory. Also this was not a very…

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  • We were always at war with socialismiana

    We were always at war with socialismiana

    Guys! Guys! I’ve got obvious news! Navel-gazing media profiles happen all the time time in New York. There is literally nothing else to talk about! Sometimes it’s about putzes with wifi; sometimes it’s about Tumblrinas; sometimes it’s about Ivy dudes posing as leftists; sometimes it’s about rando bloggers on the LES; sometimes it’s dudes who…

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  • This is One of Those Talking About Something Else Potes We Used to Do

    This is One of Those Talking About Something Else Potes We Used to Do

    I wonder if there is a way measure how Extremely Online has changed, if at all, since the early days. Certainly the markers have shifted: what qualified you, what your public socio-political disposition reflected, and how you funded it. Because it’s always been at least a part time job. From hasty, typo-ridden screeds dispatched to…

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  • Worst of 2018

    Worst of 2018

    Sorry to Bother You I left the theater (Alamo, during wide release but late in the cycle) having successfully avoided my companion’s friends, who had just happened to be in the same screening, talking about needing to pick their jaws off the floor and brains out of the carpet and willing to give the kind…

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  • I tried to imagine a fella smarter than myself. Then I tried to think, “what would he do?”

    I tried to imagine a fella smarter than myself. Then I tried to think, “what would he do?”

    So someone who works for a magazine that was profitable for decades solely due to subscription stuffing done by cutout intermediaries noticed that publishers try to game the numbers. I can’t properly qualify that claim — it was told to me at least ten years ago by some publishing industry wonk about a practice ten…

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  • We Need to Talk About John

    We Need to Talk About John

    One of the odder maxims of old YM was to never ‘report on’ conversations that happened during casual gatherings. I believe I was the progenitor and the logic was something on the order of extending a courtesy of privacy so  that people need not be guarded for fear of some lazy gotcha down the road.…

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  • This Post Has Been Updated

    This Post Has Been Updated

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  • Friends don’t let Friendsgive

    Friends don’t let Friendsgive

    I found the work agreement from my first post-college job yesterday. A full-time professional position, $6/hr. That works out to roughly $1K a month. My first post-college apartment was $365/mo IIRC. Education debt was about four bills. I’m an old, sure, but this was during the Clinton administration. The more things change, etc. I used…

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  • Saving it for Later

    Saving it for Later

    One could argue that Bill Clinton’s preferred method for mitigating exposure of his philandering, rapey tendencies was harming black people. Recognizing that using the implacable power of the state to further hundreds of years of violence against our most vulnerable was good optics, before he even ascended to the most lusted after seat of power,…

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